How to Give Mum "Me-Time"

Life is busy, and no-one is more guilty of not taking time out for themselves than Mums. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to spoil her with some well earned (and well planned!) ‘Me-Time’.
Breakfast in bed, or brunch at her favourite cafe will start her day off right, Mum won't be cooking today! Next think about how you can help around the house, it may be a special day but that doesn't mean things don't need to be done, they just don't need to be done by Mum. Everyone at home should help out with the household chores EVERY day, and especially on Mother's Day.
Top off her day with a relaxing long bubble bath, candlelit and accompanied by a cup of her favourite tea...or tipple! Banish the squeaky bath toys and create a mini 'Spa' for Mum at home. Make it extra special with our all-natural Hand Care range and Soy Candles. Bliss.
And finally if you're reading this and you ARE the Mum consider this your official reminder to stop and take some time for you, not just on Mother's Day but everyday. You deserve it.