The Feel Good Factor



Using natural products in the home that look and smell lovely doesn't just result in a naturally clean and lovely smelling house. It makes you feel good too! In more ways than one.

Maybe what makes you smile is the satisfaction you get from reaching for a beautiful brown bottle that looks so good you can't bear to hide it away in the cupboard.

Or perhaps it's a favourite fragrance that changes the way you feel about cleaning the bathroom or doing the laundry. Scent has a powerful and lasting effect on our mood and feelings, so swapping the smell of bleach or heavy artificial fragrances with natural essential oils is just better in every way.

Then there's the reassurance of knowing that you're keeping your family (and our waterways) safe from harmful toxins and chemicals. That's enough to make anyone feel good.

Once you associate these feel good factors with the 'mundane' things you do everyday your attitude towards them changes for the better, and that's why we're here.