Cool Gift Ideas: Something for (literally) everyone on your list.

Cool Gift Ideas: Something for (literally) everyone on your list.

Picking an affordable gift for people you don't know well is stressful, especially if you're not 100% sure what they'd like. For Teachers, Hostess Gifts, Co-Workers and your brother’s new girlfriend, the smart move is to get something replenishable. Think a bottle of wine, a scented candle, or fancy soap. Now is not the time to get anything hyper-specific like a great vegan cookie collection unless you know for a fact that they’re into that. Nope. This is the time to err on the side of caution.

But playing it safe doesn't have to be boring. You can have it both ways. Instead of the usual bottle or (even worse, a tragic cash gift card), why not give them something that feels a little more thoughtful and curated?

A practical gift that also feels luxe and unique: Now that's the real holiday magic.

This year, ditch the mundane stocking stuffer aisle at the department store. No one needs another "As Seen on TV" gadget or a scented candle that smells like a pine forest on steroids. For your consideration, we’d like to present some small but special gifts for everyone on your list. None of these gifts are ordinary or predictable; each will get you remembered for your impeccable taste and thoughtfulness.


Here are some cool gift ideas that are guaranteed to make you the star of Secret Santa:


FOR THE ONE WITH A SERIOUS SKINCARE ROUTINE: The Heales Slim Vanity TrayAny skincare enthusiast worth the name has a good collection of oils. This elegant ceramic tray keeps them all tidy (even in the most miserly medicine cabinet) and makes cleanup a breeze.


FOR THE ONE WHO’S STRESSED OUT: Fascia brushing is the new dry brushing. Both work on the same principle of stimulating circulation, but the fascia brush goes deeper than skin-deep to smooth out those knots and improve an overall feeling of wellness. Ahhhhhhh…


FOR THE ONE WHO HAS A STRAIGHTENING IRON: Restorative Hair Oil. Nothing says "I'm worth it", like a hair oil that protects against breakage, heat, and sun damage. It's like a bodyguard for their locks, minus the bulky security detail.



FOR THE ONE WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Art Deco Car Diffuser. Nothing says "I'm fancy on the go" like an elegant car diffuser. Elevate their commute and turn their vehicle into a mobile spa (traffic not included). Drive in Style.


FOR THE DISAFFECTED TEENAGER WHO LOVES FASHION! Teens are especially tricky to buy for—especially the ones who read Teen Vogue. Garment Groom is a spot-remover/fabric refresher that teaches them to care for washable, delicate, or dry-clean-only items without damage. Their parents will love you for it.


FOR THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS: Give her a different type of bottle this year. Presented in an elegant ready-to-give box, you'll get sustainability street cred that will leave a lasting impression. Extra points if you offer to do the dishes while you’re there.


FOR THE FIG FREAK: Our long-awaited Fig Bath + Body products are finally here in the form of Elysian Body Wash and Universal Body Veil. Available in a Travel-friendly size, they’re the perfect thing to slip into a stocking. They are brand new, so she may not even have clocked them yet!


FOR YOUR FAVORITE COUPLE: Heales Organic Body Wash.

These luxurious, Castile-based liquid soaps are thick and rich, not watery like other Castile soaps.100% Certified Organic and kid-friendly, they’re also great as a bubble bath!

Both versions are genderless and smell super sexy/amazing. The phrase “like Zoe Kravitz in Body Wash form” has been bandied around the office. Just saying.


FOR THE ONE WHO SPENDS WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON AN AIRPLANE: Travel Safe is small enough to take anywhere. We spray it on everything from our hands as a Waterless Wash to Uber seat belts, hotel remotes and restaurant menus. The 100% natural Lemon Myrtle formula has 4 x the anti-microbial power of Tea Tree oil but smells herbal and fresh.




FOR THE ONE WHO LIVES FOR HAPPY HOUR: Budding Mixologists and Cocktail Aficionados will appreciate these gorgeous straws. They elevate any drink and pair very nicely with the ceramic measuring cup (which measures the exact amount for a double martini).


FOR THE ONE WHO EATS FISH TACOS AT THEIR DESK: Room & Linen Spray banishes any lingering odours without being overpowering. The bottle is pretty enough not to offend. Here's hoping your Taco-eating co-worker can take a subtle hint.


FOR THE ONE WHO HAS A SCENTED CANDLE COLLECTION: Candles are great, but Fragrant Oils can do things that candles can't. They're perfect for dabbing onto Dryer Balls in an oil diffuser or scenting an entire room (dot a small amount onto a lightbulb). They are Scentsational without the flame.



FOR THE ONE WHO IS ALWAYS AT THE NAIL SALON: This Nail Detox Kit ensures nails and cuticles are in peak condition between mani + pedis. They make natural nails look so good it might start a no-polish trend.



FOR THE ONE YOU FORGOT ABOUT: A MH Digital Gift Card feels more thoughtful than a generic cash card, and it's a last-minute gift option that will arrive in their inbox instantly, so you can send it when you're already on your way!


Happy Gifting!

Xx, mlk