Ways To Scent Your Home Without Artificial Fragrance

Ways To Scent Your Home Without Artificial Fragrance

We’ve all heard of going nose-blind: The sneaky little phenomenon that happens when you’ve become so accustomed to a scent that you register it as the norm. And most homes have a natural, lived-in scent—that doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it could probably use a little freshening up. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you need to rely on your perfume to make your home smell great, nor do you need to run out and grab a Glade or Febreze spray, which “traps” odour molecules in a doughnut-shaped chemical that rather than getting rid of them altogether.

Ahead, different ways to explore  home fragrance without the use of cheap, artificial scents.   


Diffusers + Oils 

If you’re looking for something more modern, Addition Studio’s Asteroid Brass Oil Burner or Campo’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser are both great options. Pair it with a fragrance oil—and take it on the go with our sleek and modern Car Diffuser, too.  


Room/Linen Sprays  

If you’d rather hide the evidence of all scented products in your home, our Room & Linen Spray is for you. Not only does the basil, mandarin, and kale scent of the spray smell as natural and fresh as they come, but it eliminates other odours without a trace. We like to use it between washes on linens, furniture, and other soft surfaces that often hold scents, like a shower curtain or bath mat. 

If you’re looking more for something that smells like a cool beach evening, Studio Cue’s Topanga Mist is it. Plus, the lemongrass oil also acts as a mild analgesic and mosquito repellent. 

For an even more interesting scent, don’t be afraid to blend and layer fragrances, like a stick of Aloeswood Incense along with the Room & Linen Spray. Happy scenting! 


Xx LaurenC