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Few people enjoy living through a major home renovation, as it’s never easy coping with all the noise and dust.

Renovating a home is a stressful process. You have to deal with the chaos of noise, debris, bad weather, tradies who don’t show up, people’s moods, and the worry about protecting your belongings from damage. So you need to plan ahead to keep your living quarters clean and organised during a renovation.

The first thing to do is remove absolutely everything — furniture, rugs, curtains, artworks and any smaller items. Either store them in an isolated room in your home or an off-site facility. Your worst enemy throughout your renovation will be dust and dirt. Here’s how you can minimise them:


- Relocate everything - For smaller spaces such as the kitchen or a bedroom, it’s best to move everything to another area. If you’re living in the space while renovating then it’s essential to quarantine the renovation and work space. Use thick plastic and construction tape to contain the area and limit the amount of debris being spread. You’ll still have access to the area, but the more you go into it, the more likely you are to spread dust and dirt. Dust usually comes out of ceilings and walls and is very fine, so it’s difficult to contain. Make sure you have adequate ventilation.

- Remove fly screens - Fly screens become dirty easily, as dust and debris are blown through by breezes. You’re better off removing fly screens until the work is finished.

- Cover all items - Cover any heavy items in the space being renovated with thick plastic and seal with construction or gaffer tape. Seal cupboard doors, too, as any sanding will send fine dust particles into your cupboards.

- Create a boardwalk - You need to create a pathway for people, including workers, to walk through the area. You can use gaffer tape and cardboard, plywood or even drop sheets to create a walkway. This ensures no damage is done to the existing floors or carpet.

- Daily clean up - In order to manage and reduce the build-up of mess, it’s best to keep on top of it on a daily basis. Unless you have an old vacuum cleaner that you don’t mind risking, consider hiring a construction vacuum for the project duration, as standard cleaners won’t cope with the renovation workload.

- Happy tradie, better job - Most tradies take pride in their work and want to do a good job and clean up after themselves. Discuss your requirements with them and get agreement on the handling of rubbish removal and general site maintenance. Make it easy for them to access power and water, as well as provide an adequate work area to cut and store materials in a weatherproof space. Making them a cuppa occasionally, or sharing a cold beer at the end of the day, are simple gestures, but they help ensure a strong relationship and a better quality job.


Happy renovating!



Be kind, be creative, be clean.

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