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17 | Scream Free Halloween

5 easy hacks to clean up the messy aftermath of your spooky Halloween party!


Halloween is the perfect occasion to throw a party, isn’t it? If you are planning a party at your place this Halloween, your biggest concern right now must be the “aftermath cleanup”. Never fear we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you with after-party clean up.


1. Delicious but messy & sticky lollies and chocolates
Everyone loves Halloween treats – particularly the ones shaped to disgust and amuse you at the same time (slimy worm candies, pumpkin faced cookies, Frankenstein marshmallows etc.), but unfortunately the sticky residue they leave on bowls can be extremely hard to remove and clean. To clean your bowls or containers from the melted candy, safely and effectively simply use our Heirloom Dish-washing Liquid, consider it your cleaning enforcer for washing up. In case of a gum residue, use an ice cube to harden the remains and then scrape it off!


2. Hand making creepy (but slightly cute) Jack-o-lanterns
What’s a Halloween without a Jack-o-Lantern? If you decide to make your own pumpkin jack-o-lantern, then head’s up : It’s going to be messy. Very messy – unless you follow our tip ! just lay down some newspapers under the pumpkin for easy cleanup. Reading this tip a little too late? No worries, counter intelligence All-Surface Spray to the rescue… if you left some pumpkin hoop on the bench a little too long and it has an orange tinge to it, let the counter intelligence sit on the stain for a few minutes before wiping.


3. Party’s over. Everyone go home…
It’s always a good idea to get rid of any of the confetti and glitter type mess first, a house with after-party remains is never a good sight, plus confetti, streamers etc can stain hardwood or carpet if left for too long. Begin with vacuuming all the glitter you can see, and in-case you come across some stubborn stains or marks that just won’t come off your carpet or floor, take take to them with either our Garment Groom stain and spot remover (for carpets) or Effortless Floor cleaner for quick, easy and targeted action!


4. Removing those nightmare stains
All those colorful witches brews and concoctions can have deadly consequences on your house fabrics and clothes, so be-aware ! However, if by some bad luck ( which most of us succumb to) the drink you made spills onto any of your fabric or clothing items, leave all the Halloween games and treats and tend to the stain immediately, the quicker you remove the stain, the higher the chances of the stain disappearing altogether. Enter again Garment Groom Stain and spot remover or if that spill has hit the furniture attack it with our Everyday furniture cleaner. Quick action is good action in our book!
Whatever you do,  DO NOT rub the stain – ONLY blot at it.


5. If only licking the chocolate stains could get rid of them
We saved this point for last, because, well, no one likes getting rid of chocolate (unless your fabric is the one that chooses to eat it). Begin by dry scraping the excess chocolate, without grinding the stain deeper into the fabric, then depending on the fabric, you can apply either Garment Groom or Everyday Furniture Cleaner, unless that is your fabric is suede in which case you should try the Spray Valet suede cleaner. Of course if it’s your leather couch that has eaten the chocolate that a quick once over with our bag butler leather cleaner and conditioner will have it looking like new again in no time.

If these tips seem a little too overwhelming to follow through, despair not, our products are made to be as safe and easy to use possible, you might even end up enjoying cleaning, maybe? If you are experienced with undoing Halloween messes then feel free to drop us a comment on how you deal with the horrors of a Halloween aftermath at our Facebook page

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Have a spooky and mess-free Halloween everyone.




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