Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

Mother’s Day is next Sunday 13th May, and you know you should do something really special to show her how much you appreciate her. But what?
A big brunch and a bouquet of flowers is wonderful idea, especially if you have been out from under her custodial care for a bit. If, however, she is a Mother with children still at home, we'd like to suggest a radical idea this Mother’s Day: Leave Mum Alone.
This may sound unorthodox and maybe even a little bit grumpy, but consider this: for those Mums, every day is “Mother's Day.” She has to be a Mother and actively parent every single day. Mums don’t get holidays or weekends off, so we suggest that she might actually like the idea of having a whole day just to herself.
Of course, this course of action requires planning. And it doesn’t get you off the hook for actually buying her something thoughtful and pampering her! You still have to make sure she feels loved.
We suggest breakfast in bed, complete with cards and presents. Then disappear with the kids while she re-charges her batteries and has time to miss you. You should reappear around dinnertime with her favourite takeaway so she doesn’t have to cook. Perfect.
Make sure you ask her beforehand, of course. And do give her enough lead time to actually make a plan, see a movie, visit a girlfriend, get her nails done (or even just pad around the house wearing nothing but a hair mask and a smile)! The point is, if you really want to treat your Mum, ask her what she’d like to do: even if that’s absolutely nothing.





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