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Is your workplace as clean as your house? Considering it’s like a second home for a lot of us it really should be, for the sake of our health and well-being, and our productivity. We’re not just talking about the restrooms or the kitchenette. Your keyboard and mouse host 3 times more germs than the average public toilet, and smartphones can carry up to 10 times more bacteria than most public toilet seats. Eeeek! 
The good news is our Clean Starter Kit covers all the bases.

An easy to carry caddy that contains everything you need to get your office clean on (and keep it there). It includes:


Premium Glass & Mirror Polish 500ml Spray Bottle
Who says glass cleaner has to be blue? We offer an elegant, ammonia-free alternative that both cleans and protects your glass surfaces. Leaves a streak-free protective coating that actively repels future dust that can dull and damage. Just what you need for those phone and computer screens (spray the cloth not the device). Clearly brilliant!
Counter Intelligence All-Purpose Surface Cleaner 500ml Spray Bottle
All-Purpose, says it all doesn’t it! Use it on any surface not harmed by water to tackle everyday germs without harsh or dangerous chemicals. Easy.
Effortless Floor Cleaner 500ml Spray Bottle
Sweeping's only half the story. If you want a truly clean floor, you have to get wet. Well, damp, anyway. Safe for use on all types of floors from wood to marble to terrazzo.  No rinsing, no waxing, no worries. Spray bottle makes spot cleaning a breeze.
The Boys Bathroom 500ml Spray Bottle
Say goodbye to bathroom grime with this powerful, natural germ fighter that also eliminates odours without the use of harsh chemicals. Leave it toilet-top to encourage good bathroom behaviour. A post-flush spritz on the seat (and in the air) will keep things civilised in the loo, there's a good chap.
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