Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
Whether you have sensitive skin, or just want to taste your cooking and not the soap you used to wash your hands and dishes, you’ll love our new Fragrance Free range. A pleasure to use and safe for the whole family.
500ml bottles of Superlative Hand Soap $19.95, Velvet Glove Hand Cream $24.95 and Heirloom Dish Soap $14.95 are now available Fragrance Free, either individually or as part of one of these great value gift sets.
Fragrance Free Trio $49.95 (Value $64.80) includes:
- Fragrance Free Heirloom Dish Soap 500ml
- Fragrance Free Superlative Liquid Hand Soap 500ml
- Fragrance Free Velvet Glove Hand Cream 500ml
- Special Edition MH 'Cook's Treat' Calico Drawstring Bag
Kitchen Sink-Side Style Set $39.95 (RRP $51.80) includes:
- Heirloom Dish Soap 500ml
- Superlative Liquid Hand Soap 500ml 
- Porcelain Tray
- Special Edition MH 'Cook's Treat' Calico Drawstring Bag 
Sink-Side Style Set $44.95 (RRP $61.80) includes:
- Decidedly Rich Hand Cream 500ml
- Superlative / Velvet Glove Liquid Hand Soap 500ml 
- Porcelain Tray
- Murchison-Hume Calico Drawstring Bag 




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