Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
Seeing the amazing job Shaynna and the team did on Mel & Andrew's house this week on Buying Blind has had us thinking about the best ways to get your property to stand out from the pack...
Imagine you have 15 minutes before your house is open for viewing. What do you do? Don't Panic! #wecanhelpwiththat

Photo Courtesy Of Buying Blind
Of course you need to get your clean on, but by using products that smell amazing you’re doing a double duty with each quick spray & wipe. Display them sink-side for added style and you’ve got the trifecta: Clean, Scent and Style!
Photo Courtesy Of Buying Blind
Our sense of smell has the most powerful impact, and the smell of bleach isn’t going to put anyone in the mood to sign on the dotted line. The subtle fragrance our natural cleaners leave behind will make the best first impression. Don’t forget a scented candle to seal the deal.
Photo Courtesy Of Buying Blind
And when your cleaning products look this good, don’t hide them away…put them on display! #sinksidestyle




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