Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
Our brown bottles are versatile. Their natural cleaning powers aren’t just limited to the house, they're perfect for keeping your car looking and smelling fresh too, without nasty chemicals...
It's funny how we seem to prioritise giving the outside a good wash & wax, when hopping into a car with a fresh interior feels (and smells) so good. It doesn’t have to be a major chore, just a few regular sprays of the right cleaners will take your daily commute to a whole new level. Crank up the car stereo & get to it!
After a quick vacuum a good upholstery cleaner will take care of cloth seats and carpet floor mats. Spray and wipe leather surfaces with a leather cleaner & conditioner to clean, protect and give them back their supple lustre. Now might be a good time to start enforcing that 'no food in the car' rule? Easier said than done we know!
Give glass and mirrors a regular once-over with an ammonia-free cleaner, and don't forget to put each window down a bit to wipe off any grime that's built up along the top edges. For stubborn marks allow the solution to sit for a minute before wiping.
Grab a metal cleaner and conditioner, shake well and dab onto a dry, lint-free cloth. Rub onto your metal surface, then buff until dry and admire your reflection.  
A quality all surface cleaner will get every last bit of grime off all other surfaces like the dash, centre console, even the pedals and rubber floor mats. Spray and wipe with a lint-free cloth, and try a tooth brush or cotton bud to remove dust from air vents and other tricky spots.
Steer clear of harsh chemicals like ammonia that are not only bad for us (especially in enclosed spaces) but also bad news for your car’s interior, causing damage over time to leather, vinyl, rubber and tinted windows.
For a limited time (and just in time for Father's Day!) our Car Care Kit is available in a  handy lightweight caddy, perfect for storing in the car.




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