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Healthy, naked nails win hands down.

It’s totally possible to take your nails back to basics and still look perfectly groomed. Substitute your usual high-maintenance manicure with a gentler approach, and regain your nail's natural seashell pink lustre.
Here's How...
1 Start with clean hands using a good hand soap.
2 Take it all off. Remove ALL polish with a good Acetone-free nail-polish remover.
3 In our book, all good detoxes start with a scrub. Use a gentle exfoliant to resurface rough, dry hands.
4 Clip, File, Push! Clip your longish nails to desired length, and then refine the shape with a triple-cut stainless steel nail file. Apply a few drops of cuticle remover, to soften them. Push your cuticles back, don’t cut them.
5 Buff, Please! We recommend a professional grade, 4-sided buffer.
6 Wash hands again. We like to use a good nailbrush to get all the grit out from under our nails.
7 Once your hands are good and dry, ensure that you’ve removed all traces of soap and oils, apply a thin layer of Base Coat and allow to dry (we recommend at least 5 minutes).
8 Maintain: To keep your newly perfected polish, we highly recommend a good hand cream.
Cuticle Cure: Everyone’s cuticles get shaggy and dry if left unchecked. Keep yours looking healthy without cutting them with a nightly application of good cuticle oil. We keep one in our nightstand and another in our bag for on the go applications.
OK, that’s it! It sounds like a lot, but really, this is a lot easier than weekly trips to the salon and dealing with chipped nail polish. Eventually, your new, natural nails will look good enough to leave totally naked and you can get by with just cuticle oil, hand cream and the occasional touch up with a chamois buffer!

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