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Has flu season got you washing your hands every five minutes trying to keep the bugs at bay? That is the most important thing you can do to avoid catching and spreading illness, but are you getting it right? Here's what you need to know…
Take your time...
You've probably heard the rules about how long you should spend lathering up. Hopefully us grown ups know how long it takes to get the job done properly, but for little ones it might help to pick out a favourite 20 second song or nursery rhyme that they have to sing right to the end before they're finished. Better make it one you don't mind hearing over & over!
Keep it simple...
Antibacterial products seem like a good choice when it comes to keeping your family safe from germs, but they don't necessarily clean more effectively than plain old soap and water. Ingredients found in some might not even be safe to use regularly, so instead choose a naturally nourishing soap that will clean without drying your hands.
Liquid or Bar?
Any soap is better than none at all, but a liquid hand soap is obviously more hygienic than a gooey bar, and far more appealing. In fact a great looking bottle by the sink doubles as decor!
Waterless wash?
Hand Sanitisers are best used sparingly and with care, especially around children. In order for them to work they often have very high alcohol contents or contain harsh chemicals, not ideal around little people who insist on putting everything in their mouths. Use only when you don't have access to soap and water, not as a regular hand wash substitute.
Finishing Touch...
The cooler months not only mean colds and flus, they're also notorious for dry skin. So after¬†washing your hands with a soothing hand soap,¬†dry thoroughly and get in the habit of applying¬†a moisturising hand creamÔĽŅÔĽŅ.





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