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They are the unsung heroes of the home. Even if your "room" is just some space next to the washer + dryer, it deserves a little design TLC. Why not spruce it up a bit? Add some inexpensive shelving, new lighting fixtures and stylish storage containers and you've got yourself some laundry room panache that will put a little sparkle into your cycle. Need some inspiration? We've got you covered...
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However you choose to style your home, don't forget to follow it through to the laundry. When you've got it looking & feeling just the way you want, you might not even mind spending time there!
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This laundry space is perfect, right down to the adorable kid's artwork on display, how cute is that?!
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Extra drying space in the laundry is always a plus. We love these ideas, even an inexpensive curtain rod and S rings can make a chic + simple storage solution.
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 Now for the finishing touches. 
It's the small things that make a difference, like a fresh bouquet and a chic #brownbottle cleaner at the ready.
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