Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
Remember last year when you promised yourself that you wouldn't leave the Christmas shopping to the last minute again next year? Well believe it or not the big day is only 10 weeks away! Now's the time to get started so you can actually enjoy a stress-free lead up to Christmas.
Weather you're the type that works well under pressure or not, it's a well known fact that last minute shopping results in stress and overspending. Get it out of the way early and give yourself enough time to carefully consider your purchases and avoid impulse buying.
Where to start? Make a list and check it twice.
Make sure everyone is on there, the kid's teacher's, that neighbour that collected your mail while you were out of town, whoever you plan on buying for should be on your list so you can take great pleasure in crossing them off when they're done!
 Expect The Unexpected
Even with the most meticulous planning it's always a good idea to have a couple of back-up gifts on stand-by. It pays to be prepared, and worst case scenario is they won't be needed and get to keep them for yourself!




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