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Everyone wants to keep their family safe, we know we do and that's why we're here!
Our plant based non-toxic formulas mean you don't have to bring harsh chemicals into your home to keep it clean and fresh.
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Along with environmental factors, the food we eat and the water we drink, toxic chemicals in the products we use can accumulate in our bodies and have a serious impact on our health. Using natural, plant-based products in our homes and on our skin is one easy step you can take to lower your family's toxic load.
The great thing about our Fragrance Free range is that it's not only free from nasty toxins and chemicals (like all of our products) but it's also extra gentle on sensitive skin. If you know anyone who suffers from skin allergies or sensitivity now you know what to get them for Christmas!
Need another reason to love our Fragrance Free products? First let's get one thing straight: We're lovers of scent here at MH and the amazing power it has over us. We want our homes to smell great, but we also want what we eat and drink to taste like it should. Whether you're a home chef extraordinaire or just trying to get the water in your kid's drink bottles to taste like water and not dish soap (don't get me started!) our Fragrance Free Kitchen Trio is a kitchen must-have. 




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