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A new year means a fresh start! Cutting down on toxic chemicals to make way for a safe and healthy home for your family is one resolution well worth keeping. Time to get serious about reducing the toxic load in your home.
There was a time not so long ago when we thought if our home smelt like bleach it was clean and safe. Thankfully we now know that couldn't be further from the truth, and the smell of harsh chemicals is not only horrible but hazardous too. Here are some ideas to help you limit your families exposure to toxins and keep your home safe and smelling naturally clean.  
Leave Your Shoes At The Door
Most household dirt is walked into your home on your shoes. Taking them off at the door means less nasties and less vacuuming…win-win! 
Clean Green
Many household cleaners and personal products are loaded with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that have been linked to allergies and even chronic illnesses. Make the switch to natural plant-based products that are non-toxic and safe for your family and the planet. Natural products that are fragrance free are the gentlest option for anyone suffering allergies or skin sensitivities. 
Fresh Air
We’re lucky that our climate here down-under allows lot’s of natural ventilation, but if you’re retreating to the air-con this summer try to give it a break when you can and let some fresh air in. Remember to clean vents regularly with non-toxic cleaners. Indoor plants are a beautiful way to improve air quality too. 
Limit Dust And Moisture
Common allergens found in household dust like dust mights and pet hair can cause allergic reactions. Excess moisture in the home can produce mould and mildew which can inflame allergies and lead to chronic illness. 
Pest And Weed Control 
Opt for natural pest control and garden products over toxic pesticides and herbicides.
Use Low VOC paint and remember to let the fresh air in when you do. 



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