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We all want the best for our family, and that includes our fur family.
That's why we put the same care and quality ingredients into our all-natural Pet Care range as we do the rest of our home and hand care products.
And we think it shows.
No matter what mess your pup wallowed in, you will love our 100% natural Shampoo. It's gentle enough for sensitive doggy skin yet effective enough to deodorize even the most potent of smells. They'll be just as happy about it as you! Essential oils of lavender and peppermint work together to calm dry, itchy skin and maintain a lustrous coat. Our essential oil blend naturally repels fleas and ticks too.
Use warm water for best results. Apply to a wet coat and rub in, starting from the neck and working back to the tail. Use with a damp cloth to clean face and ears, finishing with the paws. Rinse off and towel dry.
We like a clean smelling dog all the time, not just after a bath. That's why we made Between Clean Waterless Wash so you can spot clean between baths. A quick spray and a rub with a towel and noses and pooches can live in harmony once more. If you're like us and can't say no to furry friends on the furniture this all-natural spray is a must (especially in wet weather!).
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We love our fur friends, but unfortunately, they don't clean up after themselves.
Luckily we've got everything you need to handle even the worst doggy messes, naturally.




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