• 24 | 5 Reasons to Buy a House Plant

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    24 |  5 reasons to buy a house plant

    Flick through any design magazine and you’ll notice that a room is rarely featured without some flowers or a bit of greenery. While we love to splurge on the occasional fresh cut bouquet, the benefits of live potted plants indoors cannot be overstated. Here are 5 good reasons to get your Green on.

    1) They clear the air (NASA said so).
    Remember your middle school biology class? Inhaling brings oxygen into the body and exhaling releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants do the opposite: They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plants help to increase oxygen levels. They are a natural air purifier.

    2) Orchids in the Bedroom!
    Good to know: When photosynthesis stops at night, most plants switch things up and absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. However, a few special plants – like orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads – flip that script and take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Meaning, use these plants in bedrooms to keep the oxygen flowing at night.

    3) Plants are good for your complexion.
    Studies show that live plants help to regulate humidity levels indoors, preventing the air from becoming too dry (especially in Winter months). There are studies that suggest that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin (!) colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

    4) Plants are medicine.
    Bringing flowers or a plant while visiting a hospital patient may sound cliché, but one study, conducted at Kansas State University, found that viewing plants during recovery from surgery led to a significant improvement as evidenced by lower blood pressure, and less reported pain, anxiety, and fatigue as compared to patients without plants in their rooms.

    5) They help you work better.
    Being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity. Being “under the influence of plants” can increase memory retention up to 20 percent, according to a University of Michigan study. Two Norwegian studies found that workplace productivity is greatly enhanced by the presence of plants in the office. “Keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.”
    Affordable Home Décor that’s good for your health? We’re sold.
    *Excerpts taken from TreeHugger.com




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