• 12 | The Healthy Choice

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    12 | The Healthy Choice


    When you are shopping for your favorite Murchison-Hume cleaning product, you may notice a few ingredients we stay away from, and you may wonder why we choose the ingredients we do and why we stay away from the ones we do. We thought we’d cover a few of these whys and why nots in this week’s article. We believe that it’s important to choose ingredients that are not only effective for the job they do but are healthy to use and healthy to make. Murchison-Hume cleaning products are healthy to use in your home, and the ingredients are chosen with the health of the planet, and it’s many special creatures in mind as well. In this week’s article, we’ll cover a few of the products we avoid when making our plant-based cleaning products.


    Say No To Palm Oil
    You will see that we do not use palm oil or palm oil derived products in any of our plant-based products. For those of you who do not know, palm oil is an oil that comes from the palm fruit of the African oil palm tree. While this crop is grown in many countries, 85% of it that is used in products in America comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. The problem comes in the practices used to clear land to make room for this crop. Clear cutting of rainforests is something that environmentalists have fought against for decades, and every time one section of the forest is saved, it seems that another one is endangered, and all the diverse animals that depend on the forest. Two remarkable and now endangered animals that are being driven to extinction by this type of clear cutting are the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger. This, plus the fact that children are often used as labor on these plantations, are reason enough to say no to palm oil.


    At least for the past few decades, there has been increasing awareness of ingredients that are used in common everyday products. While no one can argue that parabens are a highly effective preservative, the mechanisms by which they preserve products is under scrutiny. They are thought to act by penetrating the cellular membrane of bacteria and inhibiting DNA and RNA. Scientists are looking to make sure that parabens are safe, and for ways to make them safer, but for now what has been discovered is that, for instance, when applied to the skin in sunscreen, the UV chemical reaction, in combination with the paraben, can create a DNA change in human skin. There is also a concern with their level of estrogenic activity. Many people are also concerned that parabens may have endocrine interrupting properties and prefer to avoid them until scientists can give firm answers to these questions.


    Murchison-Hume works hard to make sure that there is a balance in our products. We products highly effective products that smell great, but that are plant-based and contain no harsh chemicals. If you have not already tried them, do so, and we know you’ll be convinced of how great they are. If you have tried them, then you know how great they are, and we encourage you to give them as gifts for housewarming parties to share the clean green power of Murchison-Hume.


    Be kind, be creative, be clean.

    Team MH




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