• 32 | Prep your Leather for Winter Weather!

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Prep your Leather for Winter Weather! 

    As the cooler months approach it’s time to get ready for the change in seasons. Strappy sandals and slides will soon make way for boots and loafers, make sure you’re prepared when that first cold morning sneaks up on you! 

    Love the one you’re with…

    Before those new season boots and bags in the window lure you in, take stock of what you’ve got. Show your accessories some TLC and fall in love with them all over again, good news for the planet and your finances!

    Clean and Condition…

    Prevention is better than cure, use a quality cleaner and conditioner regularly to form a protective barrier from stains and water damage. Avoid cleaners that contain silicones and nasty chemicals that could be harmful to you and your leather. Instead opt for natural products specifically designed for either regular leather or suede, and follow the directions closely.

    Before you Store…

    When it’s time for a seasonal swap in your wardrobe, remember after cleaning to store your favourite leather items in breathable fabric to prevent mould. Either the dust bag your shoes or handbag came with or a cotton pillow case will do the trick. Keep them in a cool, dry place with good ventilation and they’ll be ready to go next time you need them.

    While you’re at it…

    Get set to hibernate, show your leather lounge some love ready for those cosy nights in. Just like your favourite shoes and handbags, your leather furniture needs a regular clean and conditioning to keep it looking great for longer. Now you’re winter ready!




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