• 09 | Happy Father’s Day

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    WK09 | Happy Fathers Day

    OK, so it’s Father’s Day again and you’ve seen all those cards and badges around that say stuff like WORLD’S BEST DAD or GREATEST DAD IN THE WORLD, and so you think, 'Should I have bought one of those for my dad? I mean, did he deserve one? Is my dad really the greatest dad in the world? Is he really better than all the rest?’

    But hold on. Stop. Think. What does being “the greatest dad in the world” even mean? Does it mean that if there were a boxing ring big enough to hold every dad in the world at the same time, your dad could beat every other dad in a huge all-in-no-holds-barred-every-dad-in-the-world dad-fight?

    And if not, does that necessarily mean he’s not the greatest dad in the world? I mean, sure, he might not be able to beat up every other dad in the world but maybe that’s because he’s the most peace-loving dad in the world ... or maybe he’s just too smart to try to take on every other dad in the world ... hey, maybe he’s smarter than all those hot-headed, tough-guy fighting dads.

    Maybe your dad makes better tables than any other dad, maybe your dad tells better jokes than any other dad or maybe he’s better-looking, wiser, funnier and knows more about alternative music from 1977 to 1984 than any other dad.

    Anyway, the point is that it’s really very hard to figure out if why your dad is the greatest dad in the world, so take our advice and don’t even bother. Do something that you can do, which is spend Father’s Day letting your dad know that he is the luckiest dad in the world because he is the father of you – the greatest child in the entire world!

    Wishing you and your dad a very happy Greatest Child in the World Day!


    Be kind, be creative, be clean.

    Team MH

  • 08 | The (Other) Digital Detox

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    08 | The (Other) Digital Detox


    If we asked you to name the germiest place in the house, you’d probably say “the bathroom.”  Wrong! It’s your digital devices (especially that slippery germ brick otherwise known as an iPhone that you’re holding to your face right now).

    According to a recent article in Forbes:

    “A variety of studies and reports over the years have put the average bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat somewhere between 50 and almost 300 for household potties and over 1,000 for the public varieties. Yet our own handheld electronics harbor even more bacteria than that.”

    Really? More bacteria than a public toilet?! Yep. You’re staring down the barrel of bacteria colonies like: streptococcus, bacillius mycoides and maybe even fecal coliforms (otherwise known as poo). Ewwwww.

    The article goes on to list the worst offenders:

    Your Phone: You take it everywhere, right? You put it down on the bar and on restaurant tables; taxi seats and maybe even a public bathroom tank or sink. Then you bring it home and put it on the dining table, kitchen counter or your bedside table.

    Hello, bacteria counter! According to another 2012 study at the University of Arizona, our smartphones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than most public toilets seats. Other studies have put that number much higher.

    1. Your iPad/Tablet: Basically your phone with a bigger surface area (to hold more germs)

    2. Game controllers: Those sticky little fingers aren’t always great about washing hands after going to the bathroom, are they? So it’s really no surprise that controllers are a whopping 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat on the average. Ugh.

    3. Your Keyboard+ Mouse: Frankly, we thought this one would be higher up on the list. They host merely 3 times more germs than the average public loo. Nice. 

    4. Remote controls: We never touch the remote in a hotel room until we’ve given it a generous spritz of cleaner. Fact. And even though it’s cleaner than the loo seat (talk about lowering the bar) we’re not taking any chances.

    So. Now that you are totally grossed out, here’s what to do to fix it:

    1. Wash your hands. It’s the simplest thing and you’ve heard it before, but you would be SHOCKED to know how many well-dressed grown-ups just swing out of the bathroom with dirty hands.

    2. Notice where you put your phone down! This goes for any hand held device. Use a napkin or better yet, keep it in your pocket or bag at dinner. That's what you’re supposed to do, anyway!

    3. Clean your stuff. Make it a Friday afternoon ritual to clean your mouse, keyboard and all your devices before you head out for the weekend. That way, you’re (literally) starting with a clean slate on Monday. You just need a simple, alcohol based cleaner that’s safe for use on electronic devices.  And spray the cloth, not the device. Duh. 


    Be kind, be creative, be clean.

    Team MH

  • 07 | Clean with Ease

    Posted by Max Kater

    07 | Clean with ease


    I make house-cleaning products for a living, so people naturally assume that I’m some sort of broom-hugging, sponge-loving, housekeeping Ninja. Nope! In fact, I’m naturally very lazy. But I do love a clean house! That’s why I forced myself to develop some good habits that help me maintain (without really trying). If you can do these 5 things everyday, you will absolutely minimize the amount of time and effort you have to put into really cleaning. And everybody likes that!

    Here they are:
    1. A Place for Everything (and everything in its place). 

    This is the Golden Rule of housekeeping. Even if you do nothing else, finding a practical home for everything you own (and keeping it there) will drastically improve your house flow and save you from a case of the wild grumpies while trying to look for something you need and can’t find in the house.
    2. Clean as you go. 

    This is the easiest and most important habit to form. Really! It simply means that once you use a thing, you immediately put it back where it belongs (see Habit number 1). For example, while cooking, put the olive oil back in the pantry once you’ve used it. Easy. This extends to dishes, clothes, the TV remote and those shoes you just left next to the sofa. Just put it away, right away! It has become so automatic to me that I do it without even thinking now.
    3. Take your shoes off

    Most household dirt and germs come in on our hands and feet. If you take your shoes off right at the door, your floors will be cleaner, which means less mopping and vacuuming. Score! And wash your hands a lot. Especially when you come home from being out. You’ll get sick less often. Seriously. It’s a habit I’m trying to encourage in my Man Cubs with limited success so far. #wekeeptrying
    4. Deal with THE STUFF

    That temporary stuff that comes in like the tide every day: newspapers, homework, and mail need to be dealt with right away or it will get totally out of control. Have you seen Hoarders?! Those papers didn’t throw themselves out, did they? As soon as I kick off my shoes, I do the mail. I toss the envelopes and advertisements straight into recycling. Be strong! I have hung onto to a Crate & Barrel Easter catalog right through the Holidays. But I’m better now. If I can do it, you can, too.
    5. Make Your Bed

    There is really nothing more depressing than coming home to an unmade bed. I try to make my bed and hang my pajamas as soon as I wake up. Hooks for your PJs and an easy bed set-up will help. #hooksforeverything

    That’s it! These are really easy habits to form if you commit to them. Once these become second nature, everything at home is a lot less stressful (and you’ll never have to look for your sunglasses and car keys ever again).



  • 06 | Cleansing your (inner) sole

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    06 | Cleansing your (inner) soleWe’re not sure exactly when it happened. Maybe when pantyhose went out of style in the 80s?

    But for the last few decades, all year long, regardless of the weather, one thing remains constant: Ballerina Flats (and going sock less). We’ve been going commando from the ankles down since our childhood and the advent of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” Going
    sock less is comfortable and chic! But, wearing shoes without socks does have its drawbacks: sweaty feet; grubby inner soles and a certain eau de foot can all leave their mark on your favourite footwear.

    When was the last time you cleaned your inner-soles? It takes less time than waiting for your daily latte and will extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking newer, longer.

    Important: Make sure you use a plant-based cleaner or polish to clean your shoes. You don’t want to worry about sketchy silicones or other creepy chemicals leaching into your skin.

    How to Clean: Your Inner Soles

    1. Spray the cloth (not the leather). An old washcloth is perfect.

    2. Work from the inside out, turning over and re-spraying the cloth frequently. Don’t over wet the leather!

    3. Let dry and then buff to a high shine.


    Spit & Polish is safe for all types of finished leather, rubber, and
    vinyl. Now, go give your favourite bags the once over. Doesn’t that
    feel better?


    Be kind, be creative, be clean.

    Team MH

  • 05 | The Magic of Tidying Up

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    05 | Magic of Tyding

    The Magic of tidying up, it can be life changing


    The pocket-sized Japanese phenomenon that is Marie Kondo has been occupying the New York Times bestseller lists (and our nightstand) for over 2 years now. Her books “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the latest “Spark Joy” promise a happier, more organized life by sticking to her “KonMari” method of keeping a tidy home.
    The premise is simple: Throw everything you own onto a monumental pile on the floor, chuck it or if it “sparks joy” you fold it into a small piece of origami and store it away again.
    It sounds simple enough, but the sheer volume of stuff in most American homes makes this simple task seem overwhelming. We tried again this weekend and accidentally unearthed another bag of hidden Halloween candy and that sparked some Almond Joy for sure, but that’s about as far as we got.

    So, we developed our own Kondo-tweak. Marie Kondo for beginners, if you like. We like to think of it as Fun-Size version of her method. Plus ours involves shopping and candy!
    We’ve identified the easiest things to throw and organize to get you started on your new, Kondo lifestyle.

    If you buy everything you need this week in preparation for next weekend, you can Kondo all 8 categories and still have enough time to BBQ or take a spin class. JK! More time to get your Netflix on, of course.

    Cereal Boxes and Pasta Bags. Opt for handsome, airtight glass containers instead. IKEA makes some great ones. They’re more attractive, easier to store with a uniform size and will keep your food fresher, longer. Plus they’re insect-proof. This should take you about 45 minutes, tops. Once you have everything decanted and stored away, you deserve a fun size Snickers bar. Great start!  

    Wire Hangers. You can find great looking wooden ones at The Container Store or Target. They’ll last a lifetime and your closet will look and feel more organized. This is a big one. It’ll take you awhile to swap out those old hangers and rehang everything, but your closet will look a-mazing afterwards. This deserves at least an Almond Joy + a Heath bar mini. Keep going! 

    Shoes. Those jelly kitten heels are never going to see the light of day (on your feet, anyway). Donate them to someone who will actually wear them. Tootsie Roll!
    That creepy dish brush and sponge. Change for new ones. That takes about 3 seconds, but you did it! Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, Mama!

    Single Socks. Keep a caddy for single socks. If the other one doesn’t materialize by next week, it’s not going to. Use single socks to clean a super dingy job (like the car tires or the coffee machine). Then chuck it. Charm’s Blow Pop!
    Old Spice. The stuff in the pantry, not your Dad’s cologne. If it doesn’t smell, it won’t have flavor. Ditch it. Abba-Zabba!

    Old Toothbrushes and medicine. Do a bathroom cabinet stock take! Replace toothbrushes over 3 months and old and any medicine that’s expired. You might need a glass of water or cup of tea by now. Have you eaten lunch yet?

    Old magazines and newspapers. This sounds simple enough, but be careful: it’s super easy to fall into old issues of Elle DÉCOR and Oprah. Stay strong and recycle. Back to Almond Joy. You did it! Better take a walk to burn off that sugar.



    Be kind, be creative, be clean.

    Team MH






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