• 21 | How to use Dishwashing Liquid to un-block a toilet!

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    21 | Dishwashing Liquid to  un-block a toilet!?


    Obviously, you now how to use dish soap, duh. But did you know that you can use it to unclog a blocked toilet? Yes, Honey! Now that’s some news you can use. If you ever find yourself stuck without a plunger (or the will to use one) just do this instead:

    1. Get yourself a bottle of dishwashing liquid. We know a great one that’s safe for septic tanks.

    2. Pour a generous amount (generally half a cup should do it). The idea here is that the soap is denser than the water and will drop to the bottom of the bowl.

    3. Leave it there. Go away and do something else for at least 30 minutes. The dish soap should have penetrated the clog and lubricate the trap way.

    4. Put the kettle on! After 30 minutes, pour a bit of boiling hot water down the loo. Be careful not to overfill the bowl.

    5. Cross your fingers and flush. It should work the first time, but if you have a Titanic type dealio down there, you may have to repeat steps 1 through 3 again.

    6. If it’s still no good, you may have to resort to a plunger, but it will be a lot less trouble after the soap trick. If you don’t have a plunger, this is the time to find a stick or get a wire hanger out of recycling to push the poo through the loo.

    Just FYI: a regular squeeze of Dish Soap down the bowl is a great way to make sure this Never. Happens. Again.

    Good Luck!

  • 20 | Lick This?

    Posted by Max Kater


    20 | Lick This?


    Grown-up humans touch an average of 300+ surfaces and then touch their own faces an average of 2500 times a day. Fact.

    But Kids? They touch twice as many surfaces and then stick their fingers (or the object of their attention) into their mouths.

    It sounds gross, but it’s perfectly normal behavior and can even be healthy as long as there isn’t a choking risk or the bacteria count isn’t off the charts.

    Kids (and pets, by the way) navigate our germy world by touch and taste, it makes sense that we should keep our surfaces clean with something that’s safe and gentle and less toxic than dirt!

    So, what to do? We aren’t advocates for living in a sterile bubble, but we also can’t stop them from licking everything in sight, either.

    We can help with that. Our plant-based Counter Safe All-Purpose Cleaner tackles the everyday grime with ease and you don’t have to worry about harsh chemical residue when they decide to sample your freshly cleaned surfaces. Use it on counters, trays, high chairs, and toys and also in and around the dog’s bowls. It’s especially good on the Diaper Genie.

    Keep one in every room in the house. You’ll need it. We got you, Mama.


    MK x

  • 19 | Dogs on the bed?

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia


    19 | Dogs on the bed?


    There he is: The big, irresistible eyes, the adorable face and the yelping and whining…oh Lordy, the whining! All. Night. Long. And the puppy was even worse! Despite my best efforts to stay strong, by 2am, I finally broke down and allowed our gorgeous Whippet puppy onto the bed so we could all get some sleep.

    Are you co-sleeping with your dog? We get it. No judgment here! In fact, a recent survey of pet owners by the Australian Pet Products Association estimates nearly half of all dog owners in the Aus allow their dog to sleep on the bed.

    Successful co-sleeping with your dog can be healthy and even beneficial (as long as you’re not allergic). But there are a few simple rules that you should follow.


    1. You’re the Boss. You can share your bed with your best fur friend as long as it’s firmly established that you are the Pack Leader. He has to be invited onto the bed each night and if he growls or starts to show any dominance or marking behavior (like peeing on the bed) he’s immediately bounced!

    2. She can’t have your pillow. You can still maintain dominance over your pet, if she sleeps on the bed, but your head must be higher than hers. It’s a hierarchy thing, plain & simple. Her place should really be at the foot of the bed.
    3. No treats or chew toys. It’s not her crate or area, it’s yours. See rule no. 1
    4. No co-sleeping with babies or toddlers in the bed. Even the most protective and well-trained pets can be clumsy or suffocate a young child accidentally. It’s just not worth the risk.
    5. No co-sleeping if you’re allergic or he’s disturbing your sleep. Pet dander will be in the air and also settle on your bedding. Curiously, most pet owners will continue to sleep with their dogs, even if they are allergic. If this is you, you need to be super diligent about washing your pillows and changing your bed linens every week. A morning refresh with a good plant-based fabric cleaner is a great idea. It will dampen down the dander and also keep the Eau de Doggy smell at bay. #wecanhalpwiththat
    On the plus side, sleeping with your dog on the bed can have positives. Dogs are warm, cuddly, make us feel secure and tend to raise our oxytocin (the purported “love” hormone) levels just by petting them. Some pet owners even find their rhythmic breathing to be a soothing, natural sleep aid. Bottom line? If you allow your dog onto the bed, enjoy! Just clean your sheets + pillows more often, please. #cleaniseasy

  • 18 | Selling Homes

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia


    10 ways to prepare your home for a spring sale

    Spring/Summer selling season is here and it’s certainly not too late to be giving it some thought if you’re looking to make an impact on the market.

    Taking steps to prepare your home now will help you avoid the stress of a last minute rush to market.
    We’ve scoured the internet and pulled together the top 10 ideas to help in preparing for those all important OFIs.

    1. Clean & declutter
    Make your move easier by beginning the packing process now.
    • Clear out all clutter and remove items you don’t regularly use.
    • Donate items that haven’t been used in the past 12 months.
    • Throw away items that are broken or damaged.
    • Shred and dispose of paperwork that is no longer needed.
    • Consider a temporary storage facility for bulky pieces of furniture, holiday decor, out of season clothing and any other items you don’t need.

    When you clean, pay attention to small details.
    • Wash windows
    • Dust blinds
    • Launder curtains
    • Dust baseboards
    • Clean appliances
    • Straighten contents of your closets

    2. Do a thorough inspection
    This step will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sale process.
    • Inspect your walls and floors for water damage
    • Check for plumbing leaks
    • Make sure your windows don’t have broken seals,
    • Check for any signs of insects or rodents

    … and fix any problems that you find.

    3. Eliminate odours
    Don’t mask household odours with air fresheners, which can be overwhelming and cause allergies in many people. Rather, include freshly cut flowers, the scent of fresh cinnamon boiled on the stove (but remove the pot before the showing), or fresh apples and cookies placed in plain sight in the kitchen.

    4. Paint
    While you might love your aubergine walls, there’s a good chance that most buyers won’t. Many buyers want to see a blank canvas where they can inject their own personality. In order to make your home appeal to the largest possible audience, paint your walls in neutral colours in a matt finish.
    Don’t forget to repair any nail holes or other damage before painting, and be sure to touch up ceilings and trim as needed.

    5. Finish projects & repairs
    Now is the time to complete any home improvement projects you have under way and make any and all necessary repairs to your home.
    You’ll most likely find a buyer more quickly and the sale process will be much smoother if everything that needs to be done is taken care of before you lost your property.
    If you have additional home improvement projects planned, make sure they can be finished in a short amount of time.

    6. Clean or replace flooring
    Carpets should be shampooed and treated for stains. Tile and hardwoods should be thoroughly swept and mopped to a shine. Any flooring that is stained, damaged or worn beyond repair should be removed and replaced. Hardwood floors that are scratched or have lost their sheen should be refinished.

    7. Freshen up fixtures & hardware
    Light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware can all be replaced for very little money and make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal.

    8. Create a welcoming entrance
    Your front door is the first thing potential buyers will see when they visit your home, so remember to make it inviting. Paint the door if needed, replace any damaged hardware, keep decorations minimal and declutter the entrance area.

    9. Stage
    An important part of showing your home, staging can be done yourself or by professionals. Place furniture to maximise the feelings of space and light in your home, with an eye to how rooms flow into each other. If your decor isn’t cutting it, you can move your belongings into storage and rent furniture and artwork from a home staging service on a monthly basis.

    10. Get your real price
    Find out how much you should list your home for by looking at similar properties on realestate.com.au and asking for your agent’s advice. Take a look at comparable sales and market conditions which will  help you determine how much you can expect to sell for in today’s market.

  • 17 | Scream Free Halloween

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    17 | Scream Free Halloween

    5 easy hacks to clean up the messy aftermath of your spooky Halloween party!


    Halloween is the perfect occasion to throw a party, isn’t it? If you are planning a party at your place this Halloween, your biggest concern right now must be the “aftermath cleanup”. Never fear we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you with after-party clean up.


    1. Delicious but messy & sticky lollies and chocolates
    Everyone loves Halloween treats – particularly the ones shaped to disgust and amuse you at the same time (slimy worm candies, pumpkin faced cookies, Frankenstein marshmallows etc.), but unfortunately the sticky residue they leave on bowls can be extremely hard to remove and clean. To clean your bowls or containers from the melted candy, safely and effectively simply use our Heirloom Dish-washing Liquid, consider it your cleaning enforcer for washing up. In case of a gum residue, use an ice cube to harden the remains and then scrape it off!


    2. Hand making creepy (but slightly cute) Jack-o-lanterns
    What’s a Halloween without a Jack-o-Lantern? If you decide to make your own pumpkin jack-o-lantern, then head’s up : It’s going to be messy. Very messy – unless you follow our tip ! just lay down some newspapers under the pumpkin for easy cleanup. Reading this tip a little too late? No worries, counter intelligence All-Surface Spray to the rescue… if you left some pumpkin hoop on the bench a little too long and it has an orange tinge to it, let the counter intelligence sit on the stain for a few minutes before wiping.


    3. Party’s over. Everyone go home…
    It’s always a good idea to get rid of any of the confetti and glitter type mess first, a house with after-party remains is never a good sight, plus confetti, streamers etc can stain hardwood or carpet if left for too long. Begin with vacuuming all the glitter you can see, and in-case you come across some stubborn stains or marks that just won’t come off your carpet or floor, take take to them with either our Garment Groom stain and spot remover (for carpets) or Effortless Floor cleaner for quick, easy and targeted action!


    4. Removing those nightmare stains
    All those colorful witches brews and concoctions can have deadly consequences on your house fabrics and clothes, so be-aware ! However, if by some bad luck ( which most of us succumb to) the drink you made spills onto any of your fabric or clothing items, leave all the Halloween games and treats and tend to the stain immediately, the quicker you remove the stain, the higher the chances of the stain disappearing altogether. Enter again Garment Groom Stain and spot remover or if that spill has hit the furniture attack it with our Everyday furniture cleaner. Quick action is good action in our book!
    Whatever you do,  DO NOT rub the stain – ONLY blot at it.


    5. If only licking the chocolate stains could get rid of them
    We saved this point for last, because, well, no one likes getting rid of chocolate (unless your fabric is the one that chooses to eat it). Begin by dry scraping the excess chocolate, without grinding the stain deeper into the fabric, then depending on the fabric, you can apply either Garment Groom or Everyday Furniture Cleaner, unless that is your fabric is suede in which case you should try the Spray Valet suede cleaner. Of course if it’s your leather couch that has eaten the chocolate that a quick once over with our bag butler leather cleaner and conditioner will have it looking like new again in no time.

    If these tips seem a little too overwhelming to follow through, despair not, our products are made to be as safe and easy to use possible, you might even end up enjoying cleaning, maybe? If you are experienced with undoing Halloween messes then feel free to drop us a comment on how you deal with the horrors of a Halloween aftermath at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MurchisonHumeAUS/

    Don’t forget our 48 Hour Halloween SALE starts at 7am 30th October and ends 7am 1st November.

    Have a spooky and mess-free Halloween everyone.




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