There are way more important things happening in the world right now than my hair. But life is a rich tapestry, so two things can be true: it’s good that so many cities are locking down again to try and curb the aggressive spread of COVID-19. I also really wish I could go see my hairstylist. Or any hairstylist, for that matter. But for the time being, it’s safer to stay at home with my split ends and tangled hair.

Which means I need some serious help. Because I have no desire to hack away at my hair, I’m relying on an arsenal of seriously hydrating shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair looking as healthy as possible under the circumstances. That means Rahua Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, which works for almost any hair under the planet. Curly hair? It’ll tame the frizz. Color-treated or Gray hair? It’ll hydrate from roots to ends and help to tame those coarser, silvery hairs. Colored hair? Lucky you. Maintain your freshly colored crop with a color shield mask. We love this one from Christophe Robin at Violet Grey.

Just don’t forget the golden rule of detangling: always do it in the shower when your hair is still wet to prevent breakage. It helps if you use a Mason Pearson wide-tooth Rake combwhich is especially great for distributing conditioner all the way down to your frazzled ends. Hair ties can also do damage to your hair, especially if you’re trying to protect a curl pattern. Or just don’t want that dent in your hair when you finally take out your ponytail. Try these silk scrunchies from Silk, which make scrunchies look positively chic.

If you need to bring your hair back to life, start at the root of the problem. Your scalp! I’ve got the Heales Apothecary Detox Shampoo Bar on a once-a-week rotation to give my natural curls a much-needed fresh start from the laundry list of styling of the products I use on the reg. Once a month, I like a serious deep clean with Briogeo’s Scalp Revival treatmentIt works like the Heales clarifying bar, but also micro-exfoliates your scalp.

And since it’s back to the working from home life for everyone at the Murchison-Hume offices, I’m also reinstating my beauty routine that keeps me looking just polished enough for Zoom calls. I’m not talking about a full face or anything crazy, just a few little things that make me feel presentable.

After spending 20 minutes in front of my magnifying mirror yesterday, I finally tackled my other hair issues: my eyebrows. If the windows are the eyes to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame. Putting just a little bit of time into making sure the brows are brushed, fluffed, and in place. That’s where the Ecobrow Wax and Brow-Defining Brush come in.

Let’s be honest - your eyebrows aren’t the only thing not getting waxed. So sneak some Fur into your routine for whatever hair you have down there.

When I used to go out, which feels like a lifetime ago, getting ready was my favorite part. And as any good makeup artist will tell you, you need a prepped and primed canvas before you start painting. I haven’t put foundation on in months, but I’m still dutifully prepping and priming my skin. A couple drops of Ere Perez’s Face Nectar hydrates my skin, but never looks oily. It gives me that “yes, I drank 8 glasses of water yesterday and worked out” dewy glow. Even if my workout was more like a few crunches on my dusty yoga mat.

Finally, even if I’m too tired to do my full skincare routine, I make sure to swipe the grime of the day away with Juicy Bamboo Facial Wipes. Should I be doing my full skincare routine every night? Yeah, probably. But there’s a pandemic going on, so I’m doing my best.