Sink-Side Style Set (Value From $55 To $65)

Murchison-hume Australia

$50.00 $30.00

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Put it on display in the kitchen or powder room, keep it all for yourself in the ensuite, or better still do all of the above! This set makes a statement in Sink-Side Style.

New Scent! 
Japanese Quince: Your new favourite fragrance. Delicious and inviting, our Quince is a bright engaging scent with ripe red berries and citrus top notes over a fleshy guava and white floral base. A refreshing fruit fragrance that will brighten any space.

Sink-Side Style Set includes either:

- Heirloom Dish Soap 500ml
- Superlative Hand Soap 500ml
- Porcelain Tray
$45 ($55 value)


- Decidedly Rich Hand Cream 500ml
- Superlative Hand Soap 500ml 
- Porcelain Tray
$50 ($65 value)





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