Spruce Paper Spray


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WHAT IT IS: The first all-natural “paperless” wet wipe. Made from facial quality, natural and organic ingredients, it’s premium skincare for “down there” (or anywhere!), anytime you need to spruce up a bit.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it keeps our whole body clean and moisturized. PLUS: it totally eliminates bathroom odour with a naturally fruity delicious scent.

HOW TO USE IT: Just a light spritz from the travel-friendly, PET bottle turns ordinary toilet paper into a conditioning wet wipe.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Spruce will get you twice as clean than wiping with dry toilet paper alone.

    Each bottle is good for 200 wipes.

    AND: Spruce keeps your bathroom business private. After flushing, spray a little in the air as a natural air freshener.

    Details: PET plastic, 100mL




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