Mason Pearson Dressing Comb

Mason Pearson Dressing Comb

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Mason Pearson has been making combs and brushes since 1885. They’re pricey, to be sure. But there’s a reason they’ve earned a place on every celebrity stylists’ list of Must-Have Products: They are the best that money can buy.

The classic Dressing Comb is our favorite of all the Mason Pearson range. It’s the most versatile and if treated well, is the last comb you’ll ever have to buy. It’s handmade in Switzerland and the tapered teeth won’t snag or break hair.

WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s the best comb out there (and it matches the Mason Pearson hairbrush we adore). A worthy investment for something you will use multiple times each day.

DIMENSIONS: 9.5" x 2"

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