(The Full Disclosure of Ingredients)

Customers are attracted to us because of our looks, but they come back to us because we actually work. Of course we’re proud of our gorgeous packaging, but it’s our plant-based ingredients that set us apart.

Our products are:

Free from dyes (Linked to cancer, can be toxic to animals and slow to biodegrade) 

Free from Petrochemical solvents (Respiratory and skin irritants. Petroleum based)

Free from non-sustainable Palm Oil derived ingredients (Causes destruction of tropical rainforest)

A few notes on terminology:

Natural: In most cases, we’re 99% natural. The 1% is in the fragrance (perfume) that we add to the essential oil to make it stable. We intentionally keep our fragrances light, yet beautifully aromatic. We always use cosmetic grade, phthalate-free fragrant and essential oils in order to create intriguing scents.  We also offer fragrance-free varieties of our Hand-soap and Hand-cream.

Safe & Effective: Our surface cleaning products are highly effective, but more importantly, they are Marine Safe which means they have minimal impact on the environment after drain disposal.  

Non-irritants: Our formulas have been tested and classified as non- irritants.  Even so, please exercise caution and keep out of reach of children. 

Biodegradable: Our products rapidly bio-degrade into harmless by-products providing a “down drain benefit” and making them septic system safe. 

Harsh chemicals: Our products do not contain the following “harsh chemicals”: ammonia, caustics, phosphates, bleach, ethoxylates or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). 

Cruelty-free: Never tested on animals.

Packaging & Reuse: Our recyclable containers are made from PET (aka PETE) plastic. PET is a safe, non-harmful recyclable packaging material, suitable for the storage of food and beverages. We use it to store cleaning products because we care about the quality of both our ingredients and our packaging materials. Our bottles are designed to be refilled and reused as we offer most of our products with a (32 oz) refill option.

Our Heirloom Dishwashing Liquid is available in an amber glass container with pump dispenser to control the flow of product (and reduce product waste).

Septic Safe: Our products do not contain bleach or chlorine, which would harm the beneficial bacteria system.


We provide this information so you can read and understand the function of every ingredient we use. 

Canola Oil Natural plant oil emollient

Cetearyl Alcohol

Naturally-derived emulsion stabilizer

Chamomile Extract

Plant extract (soothes irritated skin)

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Plant-derived surfactant




Naturally-derived emollient

Grape Seed Oil

Natural plant oil emollient

Jojoba Oil

Natural plant oil emollient

Lactic Acid

Naturally-derived pH adjuster and preservative

Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate

Bio-degradable surfactant

L-Sodium Lactate

Plant-derived bio-degradable preservative

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate 

Natural clay stabilizer

methyl chloro isothiazolinone

_and methyl isothiazolinone

Preservative (safe for the environment)

methyl soyate

Plant-derived bio-degradable solvent

myristyl myristate 

Naturally-derived emollient


Naturally-derived emollient (provitamin B5)

potassium bicarbonate

Natural mineral pH adjuster / preservative

potassium carbonate

Natural mineral pH adjuster

safflower oleosomes

Plant-derived emulsifier

sd alcohol 40-b

Plant-derived alcohol

shea butter

Natural plant oil emollient

sodium alpha olefin (c14-c16) sulfonate

Bio-degradable surfactant

sodium chloride


sodium citrate

Naturally-derived chelating agent _(prevents re-deposition of dirt)

sodium decylglucosides

hydroxypropyl phosphate

Plant-derived bio-degradable _surfactant

sodium gluconate

Naturally-derived chelating agent _(prevents re-deposition of dirt)

sodium laurylglucosides


Plant-derived bio-degradable _surfactant

sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate

Bio-degradable surfactant

xanthan gum

Natural stabilizer & thickener

Dipropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether

Bio-degradeable, non-toxic solubilizer




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