Natural Bristle Brush Sink Set
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This Set of Natural plant fibre brushes with wooden handles make these brushed sturdy enough to give any dishes a hearty scrub without fear of scratching your best china and glassware.  Add in a porcelain tray to keep them in and catch any excess water or soap and you have yourself a wonderful sink side companion.

Tip: Rinse brushes thoroughly after each wash and allow to sit in tray on window sill, bristles down, to dry naturally and bacteria free.  

Set includes:

1 x Natural Bristle Dish Brush, 1 x Replacement Dish Brush Head, 1 x Natural Bristle Pot Brush & 1 x Porcelain Soap Dish Tray

NB: Set comes supplied in a Murchison-Hume draw string calico bag


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