Design Nail

Flash Shiner Block


A nail buffer curated with professional grit paper to shape and shine without the use of chemical varnish.  

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it’s 5 minutes from dull, jagged nails to glossy perfection with no dry time. It’s the only manicure you can do while on your way to work! And it’s only three steps!

HOW TO USE IT: Use the gray side to buff each nail back and forth. Follow with the green then white sides.

GOOD TO KNOW: It’s great for all nail types. It’s the fastest way to well-groomed nails we know. Shines natural nails to a long-lasting luster. It’s MAGIC.

DETAILS: 3-sided block buffer. 3.5” (9cm) x 1.5” (4cm)

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