Glass Cleaner - Add Sparkle to Your Home.

Glass Cleaner - Add Sparkle to Your Home.

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Who says Glass Cleaner has to be blue? Our ammonia-free Glass Cleaner is the perfect alternative to traditional glass cleaners. This dye-free home cleaner instantly leaves a streak-free shine to put the sparkle back on all of your reflective surfaces. It works on any reflective surface, such as windows, mirrors, shower doors, eyeglasses, and digital devices like your phone or iPad, which is one of the filthiest surfaces you touch every day. A quick spritz on a lint-free cloth and a wipe over your screen will keep your devices clean without the use of harmful chemicals.


Water, SD-Alcohol 40B

Our natural glass cleaner is safe to use on your glasses and smartphone screen (and anything else that touches your skin).

Refillable, highly recyclable (1) PET plastic. Please recycle the bottle after use. Made in Australia

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