(The Best) Natural Glass Cleaner
(The Best) Natural Glass Cleaner
(The Best) Natural Glass Cleaner

(The Best) Natural Glass Cleaner

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Who says glass cleaner has to be blue? We offer the perfect ammonia-free alternative to the blues. This dye-free cleaner instantly leaves a streak-free shine. Put the sparkle back on all of your reflective surfaces.

MH ADVICE: Your phone and keyboards are the grimiest things you touch daily. A quick spray and wipe (spray the cloth, not your electronic devices) will keep everything pristine.

  • WHO SAID GLASS CLEANER HAS TO BE BLUE?: Not us! Murchison-Hume is disrupting the conventional blue formula by delivering a professional, streak-free shine with just two simple ingredients: Alcohol and water.
  • SIMPLY BRILLIANT: Our glass cleaner can go places that traditional glass cleaners can’t. Safe for babies, pets, and food prep areas. Clean & polish eyeglasses, silverware, smartphones, and even drinking glasses. It’s that good.
  • HOW TO USE: Spray and wipe reflective surfaces with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do the reverse for tech and electronic devices: Spray onto a cloth and buff clean until dry.   
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE: We love a great scent, but synthetic fragrances, essential oils, or vinegar have no business in a glass cleaner where they can leave streaks and potentially damage surfaces like acrylic, chrome, or stainless steel. 
  • SUSTAINABLE STYLE YOU DON'T HAVE TO HIDE: Our aesthetic amber bottles elevate any home décor and are stylish enough to leave out, which makes quick clean-ups a lot easier.

Water (Aqua), SD-Alcohol 40B


500ml (17oz) highly recyclable (1) PET plastic. 100% Cruelty-Free & Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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tim efkarpidis
Murchison Glass Cleaner

Excellent product!!

George Aravos
George review

Great product for a fresh and invigorating change

Maria-Ilona Plambeck
glass cleaner

good product, cleans well and smells great

Jennifer W.
Excellent, lightly scented

I'm a multiple time purchaser of the Glass Cleaner. It's excellent for cleaning spots on bathroom mirrors, and I like its subtle scent. And the packaging looks good, too!


Fabulous, no streaks! 👍🏻

Highly recommend

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