Woolzie Dryer Balls

WHAT IT IS: Wool dryer balls that make it easier and more efficient to do your laundry .

WHY WE LOVE IT: Who wants to spend more time doing laundry? No one! That's why we love these wool dryer balls. They bounce around in the dryer, creating space between your clothes, towels, or linens. The hot air moves around better, which means your items are done faster. Plus, it naturally softens your clothes and reduces wrinkles. 

HOW TO USE IT: After you’ve added your clothing to the dryer, toss in your dryer balls. For freshly scented laundry, we like to add a couple of drops of our Laundry Fragrance to the balls, too.

GOOD TO KNOW: Made from pure New Zealand wool (and nothing else), these balls have no fillers, additives, or chemicals added. The balls are super sustainable, too, lasting for up to 1,000 loads. That’s a lot of laundry.

DETAILS: Woolzie balls are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, and they don’t shed. That means they’re even okay for people with wool sensitivities! 

PACKAGING: 3 wool dryer balls.

MATERIALS: New Zealand wool.

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