Pruners with Wooden Handles

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WHAT IT IS:  A stylish pair of gardening shears that work. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because a good pair of gardening shears is essential for every gardener, whether you’re a fully-blown Martha Stewart or just an indoor gardener. This sharp, stylish pair from Creamore Mills will cut, prune, and trim any plant in your garden. 

HOW TO USE IT: Open the shears, and clamp them down to cut your desired branch or stem. Just like scissors.

GOOD TO KNOW: Not a gardener? They’re perfect for cutting branches and arranging fresh flowers, too!   

DETAILS: Remember that stainless steel can rust, so you should occasionally oil your blade and handle to properly take care of them. 

PACKAGING: Approx. 8 inches in length.

MATERIALS: Stainless steel blade and ash wood handle

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