7 Home Products That Are as Beautiful as They are Functional

7 Home Products That Are as Beautiful as They are Functional

When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to put form over function: A space that flows well and fits your aesthetic completely is great to look at, but over time, it might devolve into a home that’s hard to truly live in. That said, while it’s important to fill your home with a mix of beautiful pieces and practical items, the ultimate feeling is when you find something well-designed that also makes a household job a little easier. At Murchison-Hume, that’s our sweet spot! 

It's our goal to bring you stylish, modern, practical products that you're proud to display. Ahead, some of our favourite home tools that are beautiful AND functional. 


Alabaster Jar

This alabaster jar is one of the prettiest organizational pieces we’ve ever seen. Use it as an elevated way to stash precious things or everyday stuff like cotton balls and paper clips—or just put it on your bookshelf as a gorgeous home decor piece.

Mesh Scouring Cloth

Sure, a heavy-duty pot scrubber may not seem like a thing of beauty, but when you compare it to that manky yellow and green scouring sponge from the supermarket, there’s no contest. It reminds me of the Versace chain mail butterfly dress from the 90s! It’s made from stainless-steel rings and will last forever. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

Porcelain Laundry Cup

This handy little measuring cup is just flat out adorable. Use it for measuring laundry soap, sterilizing makeup tools and dosing out medicine. I use it on my vanity to hold Q-tips! Made from durable, high-fire porcelain, this cup deserves a spot on your vanity, too.

Walnut Handled Kitchen Scissors

These walnut-handled kitchen scissors are so beautiful, you’ll want to hang them on your knife mount in the kitchen, too. Plus, that means they’re always within reach. 

Waffle Weave Dish Towels

Made in Turkey (where all the best towels are from), this dishtowel isn't just great for drying pots, glassware and dishes, drying hands and cleaning surfaces; it's also good-looking enough to use as a generous napkin for dining al-fresco (or on the sofa).

White Marble Tray

A classic Carrara marble tray never goes out of style. Use it to organize your toiletries in the bathroom, as a stylish catchall on your desk or to protect surfaces from candles and oil diffuser drips.

Turkish Terry Hand Towels

These are supermodel towels! They’re longer, thinner and better looking than ordinary towels, which means that in addition to soaking up messes or drying hands quickly, they’re also beautiful to display in a guest bathroom.