10 Ways to use Room Sprays that have nothing to do with Ironing.

10 Ways to use Room Sprays that have nothing to do with Ironing.

We’ve all walked into a well-appointed home that also happens to smell amazing. Mostly, it’s because they have a gorgeous candle burning, but sometimes, the source of that delicious smell isn’t readily apparent. Our new Room & Linen Spray smells like fresh-cut greens and citrus and is an instant and invisible way to fragrance your home without giving anyone a headache.  

Room Sprays are a great way to instantly dial up the freshness in any room. But like everything, there are good ones and bad ones. A sophisticated home fragrance is very different to those cheap, industrial, or plug-in options at the supermarket. How to tell the difference? If you would wear it as a personal fragrance, it's probably a good one!  

You can just pump Room & Linen Spray into the air, and of course, iron with it to scent your clothing. But here are some clever ways to use a Room & Linen Spray you might not have thought of yet: 


  1. Spray the entry. First impressions count. I try not to overdo it, but I always spray a few pumps near the front door within an hour of guests coming, so it’s still lingering when they arrive.   
  2. Spray the curtains! This is seriously one of the most effective ways to scent your home and very few people do it. The warmth from the sun (or heating) will slowly waft scent through the whole house. 
  3. Spray the upholstered furniture, throws and pillows. Especially if Fido is allowed on the sofa.  
  4. Spray the Bed. We wash & change our sheets once a week, but I like to spray the bed linens in between, just to keep everything smelling Laundry Day fresh.  
  5. Shower Curtains and Bathmats. We don’t have shower curtains anymore, but if we did, I’d spray those, too! These textiles absorb any…uh, odours in the bathroom, might as well make it a good one!  
  6. Spray the Vacuum bag or canister. You know how the vacuum kicks out that dusty smell? If you spray the inside of the bad or canister, you’ll be kicking out a fresh scent instead. I spray the rugs afterwards, for an extra boost of fragrance.  
  7. Spray the car. even if you have a good Car Diffuser, spraying the floor mats or upholstery will ensure that your car doesn't smell like a travelling burrito. 
  8. Spray the inside of your luggage. I just learned this trick from a Stylist friend of mine. After travelling, she cleans the inside of her luggage with Garment Groom and then sprays Room Scent before storing it, so the fragrance permeates your luggage and smells great when she gets it out again. Smart.  
  9. Inside the closets. Did you know that scented closets actually help to repel moths? It’s true. That’s reason enough for me to spritz the Hall Closet.  
  10. Inside your shoes. This one was also new to me. But anyone who wears Uggs can attest to this being a good idea.  


We hope you love our new Room & Linen Spray! Like our cleaners, it’s safe to use on any fabric not harmed by water, so you spray with giddy abandon.  

BTW: We sold out within 2 weeks last time we brought it in, so if you want to try, don’t sleep on it.  


xx, mlk