How to Style a Utility Space

When it comes to home styling, utility spaces like the laundry are often overlooked, but a few small improvements can make a big difference that you can enjoy every day.

Good Storage

Storage SHOULD be both practical and a design feature. If you don't have cupboards to store the less attractive necessities, chic baskets and canisters work well and look great too, while hooks and open shelving are practical and inexpensive ways to utilise space and show your style. When everything has it's place it's so much easier to keep things neat & organised.

Greenery or Fresh Flowers

The quickest & easiest way to make any room more pleasant to be in. Even a few leaves from the garden in a pretty vase can lift your mood, just like that!


With artwork or hang a mirror to make the space feel bigger and brighter (a necessity if your utility zone doubles as a powder room).

Sink-Side Style

It isn't just for kitchens and bathrooms, displaying our brown bottles and accessories within easy reach in the laundry is a simple upgrade that makes a big impact.