How to Prep for Company

I always have a relaxed attitude toward hosting any gathering at home. Right up until the day before, when I go all around the house and have a little panic attack: Should I repaint the Guest Room? Replace the shower curtain in the bathroom? Maybe just replace the cabinet knobs again?
It’s madness. The thing is, whenever I’m a guest in anyone’s home, I’m not noticing their bathroom fixtures and would seriously struggle to tell you what colour the walls were painted. I’m enjoying the company, food, and drinks too much! 
Still, we all want everything to look as good as possible. With that in mind, I’m giving you an easy off-ramp from Hostess Crazy-Town with some simple little things that your guests will actually notice (and will also make you feel like you’ve got it all together).

A Clean House

You don’t need to go Martha-level-deep-clean, but a tidy home is a comfortable and welcoming one. Just saying.

Something you can make ahead

 Nothing’s worse than a Harried Hostess, rushing around the kitchen with curlers on. Do yourself a favor and put out an attractive tray of something simple to eat and a little pitcher of pre-made cocktail mixers and you can greet your guests, set them up and still duck back into your room to finish getting ready if you need to. Phew!

Make sure the bathroom is ready to receive.

Nobody really cares if your bathroom is wall-to-wall marble. Trust me. A clean bathroom, fresh towels and maybe some fancy Hand Soap will go a long way towards looking like you’ve made an effort. 
Extra points for adding flowers (even garden cuttings will do nicely) and some thoughtful extra toiletries to spruce things up a bit. If your bathroom is clean, has fresh towels and some fancy hand soap, you’re crushing the Host Game. 
Don’t bother freaking out about your lack of space or dated tiles. Try and think about what you’d like when you visit friends at home: Somewhere to sit, something to eat + drink and a nice bathroom at your disposal. After that everything’s just details.