11 Thoughtful + Chic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Friends

11 Thoughtful + Chic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Valentine's day is right around the corner, and no matter if you’re single, married, or some other version of coupled up, the holiday is bound to bring up some feelings. Sure, it’s a great excuse to buy a new outfit, get all dressed up, and head out to a fancy date night—but if you’re single, it can make you feel doubly alone.

So why should couples have all the fun? This year, stretch the idea of Valentine’s Day to include your best mates, too. Forgo the romantic approach and give your friend something they’ll treasure (and maybe get some use out of). Ahead, 11 smart Valentine’s Day gift ideas for friends. 

Boxed Hand Care Set

Instantly elevate your BFF’s bathroom sink situation with our iconic hand soap and matching hand cream in a porcelain tray

Kitchen Sink Bundle 

Why stop at the bathroom? The Heirloom Kitchen Set instantly elevates your sink-side set up with our Heirloom dish soap, best-selling hand soap and matching hand cream. The porcelain tray protects your counters and keeps everything together. 

Laundry Trio  

This is a set of our three best selling fragrances: Original Fig, Japanese Quince, and Mandarin Kale. Pair it with our Art Deco Car Diffuser for the ultimate two-in-one gift.  

Brass Funnel 

This solid brass funnel is the perfect size for decanting wine, liquids, soaps, bulk spices, grains or oils. (We love to leave it out on the counter for all to see.) 

Turkish Pom-Pom Throw 

This throw isn’t just a nice gesture: It’s also incredibly practical. Throw over your sofa or the end of your bed as a stylish accent piece. 

Smudge Bowl + Palo Santo 

Like a smudge stick, burning Palo Santo (holy wood) is an ancient ritual that’s used to purify and cleanse bad energy or misfortune. If your friend just went through a breakup or a rough time, grab a couple of Palo Santo sticks and our Smudge Bowl to cleanse her home of any stagnant energy. (Then enjoy takeout and a glass of wine on the couch.) 

Heales Fascia Brush 

Our best-selling Fascia Brush is the perfect introduction to lymphatic self-care. Give your friend a quick tutorial on how it exfoliates dead skin cells, encourages skin rejuvenation, and promotes healthier, younger-looking skin. 

Nail Detox Kit + Nail Brush + Manicure Set 

For the friend that loves an at-home mani, this Detox Kit is a must-have. Even better: Grab a bottle of wine and plan a DIY mani/pedi night at home on the 14th.  

Bath + Hair Oil 

Give the gift of self-care by pairing our Hair and Body oils together. Trust: one use of each and your BFF will thank you.