4 Tips for a Beautiful Countertop


Kitchen, bathroom and laundry benchtops need to be functional, but they’re also great opportunities to showcase your style. Follow these tips to make your bench top pop!

1. Clear the Clutter

We may have just welcomed autumn, but any time is a good time to spring clean!  Bench tops seem to attract clutter, so you need to get organised and make sure everything has a place.  Remove dated décor items and anything that isn’t used regularly, including appliances.



2. Accessorize, but don’t overdo it.

Bench space is valuable real estate in the home.  Keeping accessories to a minimum gives you more room to work and makes cleaning easier.  A great to way to add class but not clutter is to let functional items serve as the décor, think attractive canisters to house regularly used items, a chic bottle of hand wash by the sink or stylish linen.



3. Bring it to life

Bench tops are cold, hard surfaces, inject a little warmth with something organic.  An elegant bowl of fruit, fresh flowers or a potted plant (herbs are great in the kitchen!) will breathe new life into the space.



4. Keep it clean.

Now that you’re bench tops are oozing with style and functionality, keep them clean with a premium, non-toxic spray for the best and safest finish.