Boys In The Bathroom

Boys In The Bathroom

When it comes to keeping your home clean and fresh, there is nothing more frustrating than certain members of the household not leaving the bathroom as pristine as they found it (sorry boys we don’t like to point fingers but there’s no denying you have a reputation!). If you dread the thought of your guest’s needing to use the bathroom when they visit unexpectedly it’s time to take action.

Read on for clean and chemical free inspiration.

Keep it Simple and Regular

Cleaning this area of the home isn’t exactly something we look forward to, but it’s much more bearable if you don’t let it get too out of hand. Keep a good cleaning spray within reach so you’re more likely to get in the habit of doing a quick spray and wipe on a regular basis.

Keep it Clean and Green

It can be tempting when faced with what we might encounter in the bathroom to reach for the bleach, but exposing your household to toxic cleaners that contain harsh chemicals is really doing more harm than good (not to mention the pungent smell they leave behind). Opt for natural products that will clean safely and smell lovely.

Keep it Fresh

Fragrance has a powerful influence. A quick spray of a room freshener is a fast and effortless way to make the bathroom a more pleasant place to be. If nothing else you can always squeeze in a quick spritz before greeting those unexpected guests at your door!

Keep it Stylish

If all else fails, inject some designer flair. Where space is limited go for items that look chic and serve a purpose, such as a fragrant candle or reed diffuser.

Keep it Together

These Easter holidays make it your mission to encourage everyone in the home to take responsibility in the bathroom. Keeping some cleaning products (stylish of course) right where the action happens is a great reminder, and you never know, if the main offenders are cleaning up after themselves they might be more inclined to keep it clean in the first place!