5 Ways To Elevate Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, you can instantly elevate your bathroom with a few key purchases that DO NOT involve painting or any other DIY work. Follow these clever tricks and give your bathroom a weekend mini-reno!
This is the most obvious one. Chucking that supermarket grade bottle will immediately lift your sink-side style game. Plus, it’s practical and more hygienic than a gummy bar of soap, so no justification required. Boom.  
 2. Fresh Towels
Luscious towels that compliment your colour scheme are a small investment that make a big impact. Even a new hand towel in a powder room will give it a fresh feel and an instant lift.
 3. A plant or fresh flowers in the bathroom
Never underestimate the power of a potted plant to lift a room. Go for cut fresh flowers or orchids if you have no/low light, a fern if you get sunlight. So cheery (and naturally clears the air)! 
  4. Minimal Shampoo + Conditioner:
Nothing makes a shower look and feel shabby and cluttered like multiple mismatched bottles of shampoo + conditioner. Keep it simple and stylish or stow it in a caddy under the sink. Whatever gets that shampoo salad out of there.

5. A New Bath Mitt:

Skip the pastel nylon netting scrunchie ball and invest in a chic bath mitt or natural sponge for that luxe Spa feel at home.


 This is the easiest bathroom “renovation” you can do, but the minimal cost and effort will pay off big time. #youreworthit