5 Cleaning Hacks That Degrease, Degunk, & Shine—All With One Product

5 Cleaning Hacks That Degrease, Degunk, & Shine—All With One Product

We’re big fans of multi-use items here at Murchison-Hume. In fact, it’s why we created our All-Purpose Cleaner: The more things you can do (and clean!) with one product, the less time you’ll spend swapping bottles—and the less space your cleaning arsenal will take up. And while our APC has its most redeeming quality in its name, there’s another multipurpose product hiding in plain sight: our Glass Cleaner. Sure, it makes your windows shine and your mirrors sing, but did you know it can also remove sticky residue, pre-treat and lift stains from microfiber upholstery, and make your jewelry look as good as new? Ahead, three glass cleaner hacks you haven’t tried yet.


Clean Your Car’s Interior

Because Glass Cleaner can be used on a multitude of surfaces—including your dashboard, windshield, and center console, it’s the ideal solution for cleaning your entire car. Dampen a clean cloth or microfiber towel, then wipe down your control knobs, steering wheel, door handles—and yes, your glass windows and windshield. Feel free to add a few drops to a Q-Tip for any of the tiny nooks and crannies that crumbs or other particles can settle into. (Just be sure to skip any tinted windows, as alcohol can ruin the tint.)


Make Jewelry Shine

Glass cleaner is a fantastic jewelry cleaner, too. You can spray your rings, necklaces, or other metal pieces with glass cleaner directly, or you can use a small, soft-bristle brush like a toothbrush to gently slough off dirt and grime before washing with cold water. While ammonia can damage soft, porous stones like pearls, opals, and shells, our Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, making it safe for all types of jewelry.


Degrease + Degunk

If you’re in a pinch, Glass Cleaner makes for an effective degreaser and de-gunker, too. Use it after a particularly splatter-prone meal, or as maintenance in the kitchen: Just spray a light layer on your stovetop, range hood, backsplash, lighting fixtures, and any other greasy kitchen surfaces. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. You can also use it to degunk kids’ toys: Spray blocks, games, or other toys with a damped wipe, then rinse them under water.


Make Faucets Sparkle

Similar to cleaning jewelry, Glass Cleaner is a great hack for faucets, door handles, and other metal surfaces in your home that can get dull or rust-prone. Just spritz some on a microfiber towel, then hand-polish for a sparkling, clean finish.


Remove (Some) Stains

If you don’t have Garment Groom or another laundry pre-treat on hand, know that glass cleaner can sometimes moonlight as a stain remover on carpets or other soft surfaces, too. Dampen the stain with some Glass Cleaner, then gently blot the area with a clean, like-colored cloth. Just be sure to test it on an area that’s out of sight, first.


As it turns out, the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding wasn’t totally wrong. But instead of a commercial product like Windex, which has a list of unpronounceable ingredients that can be harmful to your family, Garment Groom has just two non-toxic ingredients—and the first one is water.


Happy hacking!

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