5 Hacks for All-Purpose Cleaner That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

5 Hacks for All-Purpose Cleaner That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

All-Purpose Cleaner is one of our most popular products because it works in just about every room of the house. It’s safe to use on any surface not harmed by water (including your marble and granite countertops, laminate, wood, and even plastic). Plus, unlike most traditional cleaners, it smells like a sophisticated home fragrance and is free of gross chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates.  

But the best thing about APC is that you don't have to worry about what's in it: our formula is 98% natural and is safe to use anywhere, including in food prep areas. But you don’t have to stop there: Here are five uses for our natural All-Purpose Cleaner you haven’t thought of yet.  

Baby Toys:

When we say all-natural, we mean it: All-Purpose Cleaner is one of the only food-safe, do-it-all cleaners on the market that you can use anywhere in the home, including your baby's highchair, crib, or even teething toys. Bet you wouldn’t do that with Lysol.  

Dog Toys/Bowls/Chews

Remember when we said All-Purpose Cleaner is food-safe? That's true for Fido, too—use it to clean off your dog's toys, chews, or even its bowl. Nice to know: You won’t have to think twice about whatever else he’s licking around your home.  

High Touch Areas:

Use All-Purpose Cleaner to clean doorknobs, switch covers, appliance handles, steering wheels, and TV remotes. All those High Touch areas that you use every day.  

Walls and Base Boards:

Wipe away scuffs, handprints, and other grime that ends up on your walls. We recommend adding it to your monthly cleaning checklist.  

The Trash Bin:

We like to give the inside of our trash cans a spray and wipe every time we empty it (yes, even if you’re using a trash bin liner). Just spray and wipe dry before replacing the liner. Goodbye garbage smells!   

As a bonus, if you’ve run out of Floor Cleaner, don’t rush out to the store just yet: yep—it works there too. Grab our concentrate for a longer-lasting clean or better yet, keep a bottle in each room for an easy-to-reach solution for any spills.  

xx LC