5 Things that Organized People do at Home Everyday

5 Things that Organized People do at Home Everyday

I make house-cleaning products for a living, so people naturally assume that I’m some sort of broom-hugging, sponge-loving, housekeeping Ninja. Nope! In fact, I’m naturally very lazy. But I do love a clean house! That’s why I forced myself to develop some good habits that help me maintain (without really trying). If you can do these 5 things everyday, you will absolutely minimize the amount of time and effort you have to put into really cleaning. And everybody likes that!

Here they are:

1. A Place for Everything (and everything in its place). This is the Golden Rule of housekeeping. Even if you do nothing else, finding a practical home for everything you own (and keeping it there) will drastically improve your house flow and save you from a case of the wild grumpies while trying to look for something you need and can’t find in the house.

2. Clean as you go. This is the easiest and most important habit to form. Really! It simply means that once you use a thing, you immediately put it back where it belongs (see Habit number 1). For example, while cooking, put the olive oil back in the pantry once you’ve used it. Easy. This extends to dishes, clothes, the TV remote and those shoes you just left next to the sofa. Just put it away, right away! It has become so automatic to me that I do it without even thinking now.

3. Take your shoes off. Most household dirt and germs come in on our hands and feet. If you take your shoes off right at the door, your floors will be cleaner, which means less mopping and vacuuming. Score! And wash your hands a lot. Especially when you come home from being out. You’ll get sick less often. Seriously. It’s a habit I’m trying to encourage in my Man Cubs with limited success so far. #wekeeptrying

4. Deal with THE STUFF. That temporary stuff that comes in like the tide every day: newspapers, homework, and mail need to be dealt with right away or it will get totally out of control. Have you seen Hoarders?! Those papers didn’t throw themselves out, did they? As soon as I kick off my shoes, I do the mail. I toss the envelopes and advertisements straight into recycling. Be strong! I have hung onto to a Crate & Barrel Easter catalog right through the Holidays. But I’m better now. If I can do it, you can, too.

5. Make Your Bed. There is really nothing more depressing than coming home to an unmade bed. I try to make my bed and hang my pajamas as soon as I wake up. Hooks for your PJs and an easy bed set-up will help. #hooksforeverything

That’s it! These are really easy habits to form if you commit to them. Once these become second nature, everything at home is a lot less stressful (and you’ll never have to look for your sunglasses and car keys ever again).


Photos courtesy of The Home Edit @thehomeedit and Emily Henderson Design @em_henderson