New Year; New Laundry Hacks

With a new school year on the way, anything that simplifies the laundry routine is a breath of fresh air. Here are some tips to help lighten your load...

Get everyone on board.

Even little ones can lend a hand by putting dirty clothes in the right basket for washing and then putting them away once they're clean. Labelling baskets and drawers works wonders, use pics for pre-readers. It might seem tedious but sorting the washing according to who it belongs to as you hang it on the line can help streamline the whole process. 

Deal with stains ASAP.

Stains get more stubborn with age so try to treat them straight away. Keep a stain remover in the bathroom or wherever you get undressed so you'll be more likely to take immediate action, rather than finding untreated stains in the washing basket days later.

Prolong the wash.

If it's not dirty don't wash it! Our Garment Groom isn't just a stain remover, it's a between wash clothes refresher to keep your garments fresh and clean for longer, so you don't always have to wash after every wear.

Skip the dryer.

We know it can be tricky when time and weather aren't on your side, but if you can hang your washing out to dry it really is worth the effort. Aside from avoiding scary electricity bills the sun has amazing sanitising and stain removal powers. #naturallyclean

Happy hanging.

Drying on hangers helps shirts and dresses keep their shape and might even encourage creases to naturally fall out, anything that cuts down on ironing is ok by us! The added bonus is that you can hang them straight from the line to the wardrobe. 

Get your sheets together.

Keep your linen cupboard neat and organised by storing folded sheets inside a pillowcase from their set after you wash them. 

Keep it simple.

Don't overcomplicate things. Our Everything Laundry Soap is the only detergent you need for every garment every time. Designed for hand-washing delicate garments, soaking and machine washing in hot, warm or cold water, it's suitable for use on all washables including silk, linen, wool and most synthetic fabrics.