Marie Kondo's Method of Tidying Up


Our current obsession with all things Marie Kondo and her Netflix show: Tidying Up has had us spending the ENTIRE weekend piling, thanking and folding our clothes into little rectangles. We’re still not even halfway done! One thing we don’t need to do: The kitchen sink.

Our cleaning cupboard has been super organised for years, thanks to our Bamboo Caddies and similar sized bottles.

We actually had to go out and BUY traditional cleaning products just to show you the before and after. You can see for yourself what a difference it makes. If you want a quick Kon-Mari fix this weekend, upgrade your cleaning situation.  It’s super easy to do and so satisfying! Plus, making a swap to plant-based cleaning products is way healthier than the crazy chemical clash you’ve got going on under there right now.

Our Classic Six Boxed Set has everything you need to maintain a clean and healthy home (without the ugly bottles and creepy chemicals).

And definitely grab a few extra Bamboo Caddies: They’re sturdy, stackable and totally sustainable. They’re the perfect size for corralling everything from makeup to Lego. Plus, they’re shallow enough to fit into most medium sized drawers to keep your socks and underwear standing up like little KonMari soldiers!  

Kondo-San recommends using boxes to gather similar items, so she would totally approve.