Why Chefs Love Fragrance Free Dish Soap

Our Fragrance Free range isn’t just for people with sensitive skin, find out why EVERYONE is loving it in the kitchen... 


Anyone with allergies or even those just looking for the safest possible choice for their family know that fragrance in even the smallest amount can irritate sensitive skin, but there's another reason to go Fragrance Free, and you'll find it in the kitchen.

It's comforting to know that all of our natural plant-based products are safe to use around food prep areas, and now our Fragrance Free Hand Soap, Hand Cream and Dish Soaps mean that nothing has to interfere with the taste and smell of your cooking!

From budding chefs not wanting to taint the flavour of their gourmet creations, to little one's whose forensic-level taste buds can detect even the slightest amount of dish soap in their drink bottle (trust us it happens!), our Fragrance Free range gets everyone's tick of approval in the kitchen.

Don't forget our Fragrance Free Heirloom Dish Soap isn't just for the dishes, it's also ideal for washing your fruit and vegetables removing any nasties and leaving produce tasting the way nature intended.