Elevate Your Bedside Style: How to Declutter Your Bedside


Could your bedside situation do with a makeover? Even in the most chaotic household it's easy to make this space your own little bedside sanctuary...

Step 1. A Fresh Start

Empty everything from the top/drawers/shelves and give the bedside table a wipe over with a natural plant-based cleaner. Might be a good time to vacuum under and behind it too, you'll sleep easier knowing you've dealt with the dust that accumulates back there. This is also the time to consider whether your nightstand could do with any repairs or a fresh coat of paint, new drawer knobs are a fun & easy upgrade too.

Step 2. Gather The Essentials

This will be different for everyone but there will be certain things like a lamp or an alarm clock that are non-negotiable. Make sure they're clean & in good working order before putting them in their place.

Step 3. Clear The Clutter

Think about the items that always seem to end up accumulating and making the space look messy & disorganised, that's not what you want to wake up to. Stylish storage solutions like a chic dish or tray to catch your jewellery and reading glasses can turn that 'clutter' into something beautiful. A luxe hand cream is a practical everyday essential that does double duty as a beautiful accessory too.

Step 4. The Finishing Touches

With the essentials taken care of now it's time to add some things that makes you smile, like a treasured framed photo, that novel you can't put down, a plant or vase of blooms or your favourite scented candle, whatever helps you find your bedside bliss! If space is limited try a hanging plant or wall-hung artwork.

Step 5. Enjoy sweet dreams and bright and happy mornings!