The 3 Golden Rules Of Organising

This week our founder Max Kater shares her top tips for tidying up and getting organised... 


We all have too much stuff. That fact is thrown into high relief by the international phenomenon that is Marie Kondo. Her famous “Kon-Marie” method forces us to (literally) take stock of our possessions and decide if they are making us happy or not. 

OK, we get it. Throw out half your stuff. Put what remains in little boxes and carry on living your best life. It works. But it’s that tricky middle bit…the “How-Tos” of exactly how to store your stuff that I wanted more of in her books and show. How do we get to (and maintain) that Ninja level of organised Nirvana? 

We went deep and worked it out. It’s not hard, but you’ll have to be vigilant about sticking to these 3 GOLDEN RULES OF TIDYING UP: 

1. Establish A Place For Everything.

You can’t really tidy up until all of your stuff has a “home.” This part should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how tricky it is until you really make a plan. For example, if you “store” your dirty laundry in a corner of your bedroom, that’s not a home. Get a hamper! And, that kitchen drawer where you throw takeaway menus and batteries is not a home. Buy some of those drawer organizers and only keep what you need. Likewise, shoving everything in the attic or garage doesn’t count. Don’t cheat! 

2. Store Like With Like.

This not only looks better, it’s totally practical. Things like athletic equipment; pet supplies, sunglasses, stationary and belts should all be grouped together. The idea here is that you should be able to go straight to everything you own without ever having to look for it.

Extra Credit: Have you ever noticed how those hyper-organized kitchens that populate your feed have multiples of the same things? Try and stick to one type of towel, one style of coffee mug, etc. It reduces visual clutter, which is a real thing. 

BUT WAIT! Please don’t buy all of the exact same snack foods because the packaging matches and you saw it on Instagram. That’s just weird. We like to group things into boxes or into similar sized containers instead. You’re almost there!

3. Groom Daily.

This is the most important part of organisation. It seems hard, but if you’ve done the first 2 things thoughtfully, maintaining your tidy is easy.  Once you get in the habit of putting things back where they belong, everything else just clicks into place! I automatically put my toothbrush into a little cup and my products onto trays right after I use them without even thinking about it now. The bathroom always looks neat (which makes it easier to clean) and my Husband isn’t confronted with 28 products on the vanity when he goes in there. Ah…better. 

xx mlk