9 Hostess Gifts To Stock Up On Before The Holidays

9 Hostess Gifts To Stock Up On Before The Holidays

It’s never nice to show up to a barbecue or dinner party empty-handed—and that’s doubly true if you’re seeing your friends or family for the first time in a while. Flowers (without a vase) are a project) and only last a week, a bottle of wine won’t get noticed. Instead of showing up with a cookie-cutter gift, go the extra mile and bring a hostess gift that’s equal parts practical, refined, and thoughtful. With the holidays fast approaching, plan ahead and grab one of these stylish gifts for your host or hostess and you'll guarantee yourself an invite back. 


New Hand Care Set (with tray) 

Upgrade your hostess’s sink with our best-selling beautiful hand soap—and double down by getting a matching hand cream. This set comes with a porcelain tray for a lovely gift that ties together.  

Oregon Soap Company Bar Soap 

When soap is this good-looking, it serves as the perfect small gesture. The smells are subtle and nuanced and soothing, instead of being overly cloying or fake. Plus, they’re super-silky—and would look just as chic on your host’s vanity as it would in her shower.  

Soapstone Smudge Bowl

This little bowl is so gorgeous, it looks good just sitting there, empty. Grab a few, throw in a bundle of sage or Palo Santo to clear bad energy, and encourage your hostess to make use of it before dessert. 

Southwestern Turkish Towel

A reversible Turkish towel for bed, bath, beach or gym, this will get you—and your hostess friend—compliments every time she breaks it out. The fabric is soft, super absorbent and stylish enough to wear as a wrap when the sun goes down. 

Waffle Weave Dish Towels

For the friend or family member who moonlights as a chef, they’ll love these waffle towels to keep knives, cutting boards, and hands dry in the kitchen. Even better: They get softer with each wash and take on a useful second life as the perfect cleaning cloth when you finally retire them from the kitchen. 

Berber Throw

This reversible Turkish towel for bed, bath, beach, or gym—and any host will love it. The fabric is soft, super absorbent and stylish enough to wear as a wrap when the sun goes down.  

Fragrance Oil Trio

These fragrance oils will convince your host to finally ditch dryer sheets. Plus, these zero-waste scents, which smell more like sophisticated home fragrances, also make for a thoughtful gift. 

T-Shirt Face Masks 

Looks like we’ll be wearing them for the foreseeable future, so you might as well gift some stylish ones!  

Asteroid Brass Oil Burner 

This brass tea light holder also acts as a subtle diffuser of essential oil. The design is sleek and minimal and the solid brass burner is weighty in your hand. It comes with a 10ml bottle of Lavender essential and a little beeswax tea light candle, so it’s good vibes in a box. 


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